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Salesian Family

The Salesian Family is a spiritual movement in the Catholic Church. It brings together all the groups which share Don Bosco's mission to youth and work in his spirit.

Don Bosco himself founded the Salesian Society, the Salesian Sisters, the Cooperators and Past Pupils. Since then, over 20 groups have been added to the Salesian Family.

Together, we are signs and bearers of the love of the Father, made known by Jesus in the power of the Spirit, for young people the world over.

Basic Information

Salesian Family


Salesian Saints

God has shown great love towards the Salesian Family of Don Bosco enriching it with holiness.

Priests, lay people, consecrated religious, young people and adults in the Family, members dedicated to education and evangelisation, building God's Kingdom in daily life and apostles called to the heroism of martyrdom, all find a richness of inspiration among our Saints.

It is marvellous what the grace of the Holy Spirit works in the hearts of those who accept him and make themselves available to him! As it spreads, his love urges all those, who accept his gift, to perfect charity and an even deeper union. The communion which we intend to achieve as a Family has in a holiness, sought after with constancy, the richest aspect of our fellowship. (Charter of Communion in the Salesian Family, Article 38).

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